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Chando Chandanamo

Posted by ammupatti on March 18, 2011

This is a rhyme in the form of a series of questions and elimination of possible answers logically. As I do not remember the full rhyme, I do not remember also if a final agreement was arrived at. It is like examining an object and trying to decide if it is this or that( I am reminded of the examination of mixtures in the chemistry lab).The full impact of the verses is understood only if one understands Tamil. Here it goes:

Chando Chandanamo (both chandu and chandanam(sandal paste) are used to adorn the forehead)

Chandanamanaal Manakkadtho (if it is chandanam, it would have been fragrant)

Manakka Mangayo (Is it a mango to give out fragrance)

Mangayanaa Thongatho (If it were mango it would have been hanging – on the tree)

Thonga Thoranamo (Is it festoon to hang?)

Thornamanaal Kattatho (If it were festoons, it would have been tied)

Katta Gopuramo (Is it a tower to build – Katta in tamil means both to tie and to build – The tower here indicates the tower of temple)

Gopuramano Kumbidatho (if it were a temple tower, should you not be paying obeisance to it)

Kumbida Rajavo (Is he a King to pay obeisance)

Rajavanal Eavano (If it were a king , would he not be ordering – eeaval also is used to describe the noise made by  lizards)

Eava palliyo (Is it a lizard to make noise)

Palliyanal Padungatho (if it were a lizard, would it not be hiding)

Padunga Kallano (Is he a thief to hide)

I do not remember beyond this. I have been asking many people for the past 3 years if they knew the ending of this. I have not been lucky enough to find anyone who could tell me the full song. If any of my readers know, please fill in. Thank you.

Update: Thanks to Uma in comments we have the rest of the song:

Kallanana odano (if he were a thief would he not run)
Oda Kaveriyo (Is it Kaveri to run -river Kaveri_
Kaveriyana kalangado (if it were Kaveri, would it not be murky)
kalanga kazhuneero (If it is murky, is it cattle-feed?)
Kazhuneerana thithikado (if it is kazhuneer would it not be sweet)
Thithika Vellamo (Is it jaggery to be sweet)
Vellamana Thinnukoyen (and if it is jaggery, why don’t you eat it)


18 Responses to “Chando Chandanamo”

  1. Uma said

    Hey!!!!!!!!! I got it..finally…

    I’ll probably continue from where u left..

    Kallanana odano…
    Oda Kaviriyo…
    Kaviriyana kalangado
    kalanga kazhuneero..
    kazhuneerana thithikado…
    Thithika Vellamo…
    Vellamana Thinnukoyen….

    This is the version that I know. If some one has other versions.. would be happy to know….. :-)

    • ammupatti said

      Wah Uma

      As I was going to sleep last night, I was once again reciting these lines and I came upto Kallanano odatho, oda Kaviriyo,

      thanks a lot for completing the riddle so promptly. I feel so excited.
      thanks again


      • bharathy said

        i feel sooo excited to come across this song after so many years my child hood favorite song-bharathy from bangalore

    • Though many tried their level best for “chanda chandanamam” it is very sad nobody could complete the song in its entirety. If anybody is interested, I will give the full song for everybody to enjoy. Regards,


  2. Narayan said

    I have never heard this, Ammupatti. Thanks for sharing.

  3. ammupatti said

    Hi Naryan

    Are you the Narayan Swamy of “Making Sense of the SENSEX”?

    Thanks for visiting.

  4. Brindha Ramaswamy said


    oh ! that’s lovely ! my amma sang this for me………… i sang for my sons and am still singing for my grandson !!!!!

    there is yet another like this …….. only few lines i remember :

    kozhukkattai kozhukkattai En vEgalai ? aduppu eriyalai naan vEgalai
    aduppE aduppE En eriyalai ? viragu eeram naan eriyalai
    viragE viragE En eeram ? mazhai peidhadhu naan eeram.
    mazhayE mazhayE En peidhai ? ………………………..

  5. Narayan said

    I have started a blog in local sigts and sounds … and sometimes hark back to old times and stories.

    here is one on the Jambul phalam – http://sightandsoundsofthecity.wordpress.com/2011/06/09/roasted-fruits-or-unroasted-ones/

  6. Vijaya Sridhar said

    I am a fan of this site especially due to the kerala delicacies recepies.

    My daughter shakes to “Kai veesamma kai Veesu”, “Tha kuppi chandana kuppi”, “kicha rama govinda”
    but could some one please get me “kozhukkattai kozhukkattai En vEgalai ?” complete version?

    • Karthikeyan.L said

      kozhukkattai kozhukkattai En vEgalai ? aduppu eriyalai naan vEgalai
      aduppE aduppE En eriyalai ? viragu eeram naan eriyalai
      viragE viragE En eeram ? mazhai peidhadhu naan eeram.
      mazhayE mazhayE En peidhai ? pullu valara nan peidhen…
      pullE pullE en valarndha ? Maadu thinna nan valarndhen…
      MaadE MaadE en thinna? paal sorakka nan thinnen…
      paalE pallE en sorandha? kannukutti alzhudhuthu nan sorendhen…
      kannukutti kannukutti en alzhudha? Erumbu kadichudhu nan alzhudhen…
      ErumbE ErimbE en kadicha…
      “En pondhukulla kaala vitta summa iruppenna”…

  7. Rama said

    we say ” Vellamana vendamna sollavayo”

  8. Vidya said

    We say – Kallanana kalangano…
    Kalanga Kaveriyo
    Kaveriyaana Ozhugadho
    Ozhuga Otta paanaiyo
    Ottappaanai aana odayadho
    Odaya Thengaiyo
    Thengai aana thidhikkadho
    Thidhikka Velamo
    Velam aana vendam po :))

  9. Vidya said

    I was actively adding some content in my blogger – check it out


  10. N Sudhakhar said

    This was taught me by my beloved grandpa (Doctor Appa). It’s really a time machine which took me to the age of three where I sit near my Granpa during night at our lawn and he recites the same with a beautiful nursery raga!! Facinating!!

  11. Kiruthika said

    Can soomebody please help me with “Tha kuppi chandana kuppi” lyrics.

    • GIRIJA said

      THAKUPPI chandanakuppi kungumakuppee kolattakuppee kuppee kuppee tharumayya
      i also remember another one used while feeding kids. THE kids handis kept extended towards the chanter. WITH each act imaginary food is served on thechilds palm. Pappu vechu ,., paacham vechu… ammam pottu… nei kuthi …aadu meyara vazhi ,.,kannu meyra vazhi .., ammayar kodamkondu pora vazhi vazhi ,.,when adu meyara vazhi.,starts, start tickling the childs hand.

      • I have heard other versions of the Pappu vechu..

        Chadam pottu, nei vittu, paruppu pottu.. peshanju peahsnju, peshanju…
        Kozhandaikku oru, Amma ku oru vai, Appa ku oru vai,
        Ellarukkum ku kuduthu kuduthu, Kaiya thodachu thodachu
        Aanai vanthuthu Poonai vanthuthu, Aanai vanthuthu Poonai vanthuthu… ting ting ting ting (symbolizing the bell around the neck of the elephant and who hasnt heard of tying the bell around the cat)

        Put each item on the little one’s palm, fake feed everyone in air for each vai.. Wipe the palm off in thodachu thidachu. When Aanai and Poonai starts, start walking with one’s fingers slowly towards the child and tickle at ting ting

  12. Radha Vish said

    Can u give the full version of thaa kuppi.

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