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Kozhukattai Story

Posted by ammupatti on November 30, 2008

One day Patti was making kozhukkattais. When she had made the upma and made nice round balls of kozhukkattais and put them to be steamed, there came the ambe, ambe, sound of Patti’s favourite cow, Komu. Komu was just returning after grazing in the the forest for the whole day and now she needed water and Kanji. Patti went to the backyard and allowed Komu into the cowshed and tied her to her post. She then gave Komu her water and Kanji. After talking to her for sometime (yes, Patti used to talk to Komu, as if she were her child or friend) Patti went inside. She opened the pot to see if the Kozhukkattais were done and found that they were not yet properly cooked.

So Patti asked, “Kozhukkattai, Kozhukkattai, aen veakalai?” (Hello Kozhukkattai, why are you not cooked yet)
To which Kozhukkattai replied, “Adupperiyalai, Naan veakalai.” (the stove was not lit, so I am not cooked)
So Patti asked the stove, “Aduppe, Aduppe, aen Eriyalai?” (Oh stove, why were you not burning?)p
The stove said, “Veragu vaikkalai, Naan eriyalai.” (Nobody kept firewood, so I did not burn)
Patti turned to her daughter-in-law, “Mattuponne, Mattuponne, aen veragu vaikkalai?” (Oh dear daughter-in-law, why did you not put firewood in the stove?)
Daughter-in-law answered, “Kozhandai azhudduthu, Naan veragu vaikkalai.” (The baby was crying, so I did not put firewood)
Patti cooed to the baby, “Kozhande, Kozhande, een azhuthai?” (Oh my dear child, why did you cry)
The baby wept, “Erumbu kadichuthu, Naan azhuthen.” (Ants bit me so I cried)
Patti approached the ant, “Erumbe, Erumbe, een kadichai” (Oh ant, why did you bite the baby?)
Erumbu said, “En pothukulle kale pottal naan kadikathiruppeno” (Will I not bite if somebody put their foot into the ant-hill?)

P.S. Many of these stories would appear to end abruptly. This is a story said in a sing song way and the verses are in rhymes. At the end of the story, the child is tickled in its foot with the verse, ”En pothukulle kale pottal naan kadikathiruppeno.” So the story ends there. It is also meant to teach the children not to play with ant-hills, which were plenty those days.


37 Responses to “Kozhukattai Story”

  1. JK said

    Very interesting story. I appreciate your efforts to share these stories.

  2. Nirmala said

    Excellent story and very gripping for the kids. I really really appreciate all your efforts sharing these stories on this website. Very valuable!
    Thanks so much !

  3. ammupatti said

    HI JK and Nirmala

    I am glad you liked the story. I shall post more stories, when time permits.


  4. Narayan said

    There is an extended version of thsi sing song story. the first 2 or three lines remain the same and so do the last 2.

    May I?

    “Kozhukkattai, Kozhukkattai, aen veakalai?” (Hello Kozhukkattai, why are you not cooked yet)
    To which Kozhukkattai replied, “Adupperiyalai, Naan veakalai.” (the stove was not lit, so I am not cooked)
    So Paati asked the stove, “Aduppe, Aduppe, aen Eriyalai?” (Oh stove, why were you not burning?)
    The stove said, “Veragu nenanjadu, Naan eriyalai.” (the firewood was wet, so I did not burn)
    Paati now turned to the firewood and asked, “Veragu, Veragu, aen nenanjai?” (Oh Firewood, why did you get wet?)
    the firewood replied, “Mazhai penjadu, naan nenanjen.” (It rained, and so I got wet).
    Paati turned to the rain and questioned, “Mazhaye, Mazhaye, aen penjaay?” (Rain O Rain, why did you pour?)
    The rain replied, “Pullu mollakkya, naan paenjen.” (for the grass to grow, I rained).
    Paati now looked down at the grass and asked, “Pullae, Pullae, aen mollachaay?” (Grass O Grass, why did you grow?)
    The grass looked up and replied, “Maadu thinga, naan mollachaen.” (To feed the cow, i grew).
    Paati turned her attention to her cow and queried, “Maadae, Maadae, aen thinnae?” (Cow O Cow, why did you feed?)
    The cow mooed back, “Paal karakka, naan thinnaen.” (To give milk, I fed)
    Paati now qustioned the milk, “Paalae, Paalae, aen karandhaai?” (Milk O Milk, why did you “milk”?)
    The milk promptly replied, “Kozhandhai azhuthathu, naan karandaen.” (The child cried, that’s why i “milked”)
    Paati looked at the crying child and asked, “Kozhandhai, Kozhandhai, aen azhuthaae?” (Child O Child, why did you cry?)
    The child still sobbing asnwered, “Erumbu kadichuthu, Naan azhuthen.” (Ants bit me so I cried)
    Paati approached the ant, “Erumbe, Erumbe, een kadichai” (Oh ant, why did you bite the baby?)
    Erumbu said, “En pothukulle kale pottal naan kadikathiruppeno” (Will I not bite if somebody put their foot into the ant-hill?)


  5. sk said

    it is a nice story. i remember a song starting —
    mullu monaiyile moonu kolam vettinen.
    rendu kolam pottal
    onnu thanniye ille

    thanni illa kolathile kulikka vanda per moonu per
    rendu per modavan
    orthan kaale ille

    it goes on like this.

    could you please complete this?

  6. ammupatti said

    Hi Narayan

    I am so glad you added to the story. Thanks so much. Do keep visiting(I know I take long interval between stories).

  7. ammupatti said

    Hi sk

    I am sorry I have not heard about this story.

    Best wishes

  8. Nisha said

    I also remember another story about a husband who wanted to eat kozhukattais. He did not know what they were called and went to a neighbor’s home to ask. On the way, repeated the word so he would not forget it. But he had to cross a small “gutter” and he jumped yelling “Immathadi” and he forgot the word kozukattai. And it goes on…….Have you heard this one?

    Beautiful website! Took me back to my childhood.

    • Shubha said

      yeah it was called “Athiribaccha..” when crossing the gutter he hears a kid shout athiri bachha and jump… so he does the same… and forgets the name kozhakattai and keeps saying “Athiribaccha”..and he he goes to his friends place… he keeps asking for it or something and then he is beaten by his friend or something… so when he comes back his wife asks him… y is ur body swollen like kozhakattai and that when he remembers that the word was kozhakattai…:P hhehhe i dont remember it exactly… but it was something like this…

  9. vijaya said

    the kozhukatti story was aslo said by my patti who never went to school.She had many other interesting stories like this which was set to music (chandoo sandanamo)..All these repeaditely said was recorded In my mind.It also make us make us cuddle next to her and make her repeat it everydaywhat she heard hearsay

    • Jayashree said

      Both these stories took me to my childhood days when patti told us these stories and much more.
      I think our children miss these as we find us busy and they are also busy……….
      Thank u i will tell these to my children………

  10. meena said

    thanks for the story.need to have more such stories to tell my peran.

  11. rachel said

    Thanks for taking time to share these stories….Romba nalla yirukku..i remember i used to read Ambili maama books when i was a kid..i felt like reading them again….thx :-)

  12. Shubha said

    My amma and pati used to sing this for me… even “Kaka kaka kozhandaiki mai konduva”…:P

    And “chand oo chandanamo…Chandanam aana manakatho.” this is so nostalgic Ammu patti.. thanks for sharing these… hope I can sing these sometime to my kids… when they come..:)

    My mom used to sing these for me… even when i was in 11th n 12th… wish she was there now… miss her badly…:(

    Thanks anyways…u remind me of all the nice memories i have with her..:)

    • Uma said

      Hi Shuba,

      Can u please post the Chand o chandanamo … full lyrics. I remember only half..
      Chando chandanamo,
      chandanamana manakkado,
      Manakka Mangayo,
      Mangayana Thimbaro…

      After that I forgot. Will be very happy if u could reply back with the full lyrics.. Thanks in advance


  13. Shubha said

    Do u know the song… “Kai veesu amma kai veesu…” my tata used to sing it for it..If u do please post it for me..

    Another was a malyalam song… my mom used to sing…”kannum pootu urang nee yen kanne kanana ponnu magale..” this was my moms favourite…:( wish i can get that song…please if anyone knows it..please post it for me..

    Then there was a story about a greedy kuruvi… which eats too much with a vekkyal stuff to its butt… them another about a vai kozhupu brahmanan… wow… How i had forgotten all these stories…:(

    • Uma said

      Here You go!!

      Kai Veesamma Kai veesu,
      Kadaikku polam Kai veesu,
      Mittai vaangalam kai veesu,
      Meduvai Thingalam Kai veesu,
      Kovilukku polam Kai veesu,
      Kumbittu Varalam Kai Veesu

  14. ammupatti said

    Hi Shubha and Uma

    Thanks for being patient with me. Thanks for the Kai Veesamma Pattu also.

    Even I have been researching

    Chando Chandanamo

    for over three years now.I have asked many people and I have not been able to get the full version of it. I am able to recollect only part of it. I shall post the part as I remember. I hope one of you will be able to complete it.

    Enjoy Holika story.

    Best wishes

    • Uma said

      Here you go with Chanda Chandanamo
      Chando Chandanamo
      Chandanamana manakkado
      Manakka Mangayo
      Mangayana tongado
      Tonga Toranamo
      Toranamana kattado
      Katta Kovilo,
      Kovilana kumbidado
      Kumbida Rajao
      Rajavana Evaano
      Eva kallano,
      Kallanana odano
      Oda Kaveriyo
      Kaveriyana kalangado
      Kalanga kazhuneero
      Kazhuneerana thithikkado
      Thithikka vellamo
      Vellamana tinnukoyen

  15. […] Kozhukkattai, aen veakalai’ ‘Oh Kozhukkattai, why are you not yet cooked?’ This is a lovely Tamil poem on kozhukattai, a steamed rice dumpling that is stuffed with copious amounts of jaggery. Kozhukattai is a divine […]

  16. Padmavathi said

    My name is Padmavathi now 80yeasold I aml also over much interested in these old stories

    Kozhakkatai kozhakkatai dambakkali
    Pull-up molaichuthu dambakali
    Pulle pulle een mollacchai
    Maduthingalai nan molacchen
    Made made een thingalai?
    avuthu vidalai nan thingalai?
    Paiya paiya een avuthu vidalai?
    Kuzhanthai azhuthuthu avuthu vidalai
    Kuzhanthe kkuzhanthe een azhuthai?erumbhu kadichuthu nan azhuthen
    Erumbhu erumbe een kadicchai?
    En putthukulle Kadiyai vittta chuma iruppenoo?
    This is what I hv learnt from my mother in law

    I know some more like this if any one is interested pl let me know
    I will try to send what All IP

  17. Padmavathi said

    Any one knows the following song
    Please help to complete

    Krishna kripaiyala muthubala padmanabha
    Astashara porule krishna hariye odi varum
    Kannukkumaiyittu kasturi pottum ittu kondaiki poochoota gopala odi vada
    Muthu chutti asaya mughamverka muzhi chuzhala
    Mohanamai kitte vandu muttham krishna tharum
    Kaiyile vennai chinnthitho krishna kamala mugham marittho
    Katten nan orunaalum endan kanne odi vada

  18. Padmavathi said

    Once upon a time there was a bee who did know its name so it went to ask
    Each and put the samequesrion
    The reply goes as if it is what today we call as anthakshari

    Kozha kozha kanne en perenna
    Enakku theriyadu enga ammakitte kelu
    It went to his mother and asks
    Kozhakozhza kanne kannin thaye en perenna

    Like that it goes

    In short
    It will become
    Kozhakozha kanne kannin thaye kannu meikum aaya aayan kai kole
    Kolendum kodimarame kodimarathin melirukkum kokke
    Kokku vazhum kulame kulatthil irukkum meena meen pidikkum valaiya valayan kai chatti chatti pannum kosava kosavan mannedukkum kuzhiye
    Kuzhiyil irukkum pulle atthai thinnum kuthirai en perenna?

    He hi hi hi hi
    Oho en peru eechhaiya sari

  19. Ramanathan Balakrishnan said

    Nostalgia. I was searching for “Kozhukkattai, Kozhukkattai, aen veakalai” in google, and i found this one. I remember my paati pampering me with this one. I didn’t remember the lyrics, but was desperately searching to pamper my daughter. Keep up such archives !

  20. Meera said

    Hi it is so nice that am remembering my childhood days by the way I heard this song from my friend

    Like this it comes but I don’t know the full version but the story is 2 sisters were living with their mother. One day mother prepared the dumpling for her kids the younger sister ate all the dumplings & later she realized she didn’t even keep 1 for her sister. So she catched a frog & kept in the vessel & closed it. When elder sister came to eat dumpling but she was asking her mom

    Amma kozhakattai ku kannum undodi…
    Amma kozhakattai ku kadhum undodi.

  21. Padmavathi said

    Does any one know the song gopalakrishnasami gokulathile kuzhanthai roopamaga avatharitthar

  22. Padmavathi said

    Does anyone remember the following while playing whom to select



    • Padmavathi said

      Hithiribachha katha

      Ory oorile oru payyan leavela veetkku vandu irunthan
      Appo oru friend veettukku friendai pakka ponan..

      Ponaveettulr avathile kozhakkattai panni irunda. Romba tastyaga irundatha

      Avan manasule intha kozhakkattaiyai nammatthukku poi pattikitte cholli
      Panni chappidanum ninanchundu kozhakkattai perai chollide veettkku
      Thrumbhi vandan vara vazhiyile oru peria pallam irundathu.
      Athai thamdumpothu HAITHIRIBACCHA nnu chollindu thandinan.
      Adukkappuram avanukku kozhakkattai peru marandu poyidutthu

      Veetukku vandhappuram pattikitta patti enakku HAITHIBACCHA pnnittha
      Adu romba nannairundhu thu,,patti therinjavakitta ellam HAITHIBHACCHA
      RECIPE eppadi pannaradhunnu vijariccha.yarukkume,therialai.

      Adanale pattikku rombha kovam vandhudutthu.
      Paiyyana pottu kannathile adiccha. Ennada unakku pere therialai
      Appo ennayidutthu paiyyanoda kannam rombha veenghi pocchu.
      Athat partha patti ennada kozhakkatai mathi un kannan veenghiyuduthe varuthappatta . Appo suddena peru ninaivukku vandudu..patti nan
      Thappa cholliyooten ippo enakku kozhakkattai panni thannu cholla
      Paattiyum pannikuduttha.


  23. B.RADHIKA said

    My daughter 3 years singing this rhyme.

  24. B.RADHIKA said

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